Current short trades in Gold, Silver and Copper.

We have open trades short with Gold, Silver and Copper.

Our strategy here shows promise. The aggregate of these trades has seen us in the money by some £1,000. Soon followed by us being out of the money by about £900. The latter was a consequence of the last FOMC meeting and interest rate announcements.

Higher prices, however, allowed us to add to our short trades more favourably and, later, as the price dropped again, to break-even on our lower priced, original, trades.

Our open trades (taken from eleven days ago) currently stand at over £3,000 in profit reasonably distributed between each of the commodities. Early days, however,  as we hold through (as long as our premise remains the same) to somewhere near our targets.

The following is an update of our trade watch list for Slow Trader fund:

No change in – Gold, Silver, Copper and Crude Oil.

Instead of the S&P, I’ve included the 20+ Treasury Bond ETF.

Moreover, in preference to the currency EUR/USD we will take GBP/USD.

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