Slow Trader Hedge Fund

Slow Trader fund

As financial, technical analysts and derivative strategist we speculate on whether a currency price will rise or fall, using the rates offered by a broker.

The Slow Trader fund is for friends and family. It allows them the opportunity to access an intraday traded (hedge) fund, held in trust.

Why an opportunity, and why intraday trading is not possible for most people:

  • Firstly, such traded funds are not readily available. Moreover, expert (and hopefully successful) short-term traders charge a lot in fees.
  • Secondly,  this form of trading is a difficult skill to master. It takes several years for a trader to graduate from the ‘beginner’ level, through ‘intermediate’, to ‘expert’. And, ‘expert’ is where we find all the capitalised reward. In other words, short-term trading, in contradiction to its name, takes a long time to learn.
  • Finally, learning the intraday and day trading skills is often, through the beginner and intermediate stages, financially penalising.

The intraday chart

From the intraday charts the fund trades long and short the currency pairings of GBP/USD, EUR/USD, AUD/USD and GBP/JPY.

We aim to trade any viable breakout signal that satisfies our requirements for a trade entry. Our strategy regarding risk is somewhat cautious.

Although we use the 5-minute chart in preference this still only provides but a few trade entry opportunities per day. Moreover, we do not hold trades unobserved or certainly not overnight.


Our goal is, firstly, the protection of the fund and, secondly, its compounded increase.

Fund amount

As of 8/12/2108. The fund alters when we get an increase. The level of the fund once posted is guaranteed by Buzz.

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