Slow Trader Fund


As a context price action trader, I speculate on whether a price will rise or fall.

The Slow Trader fund is for friends and family. It allows them the opportunity to access an intraday traded fund, held in trust.

Why an opportunity, and why intraday trading is not possible for most people:

  • Firstly, such traded funds are not readily available. Moreover, expert (and hopefully successful) short-term traders charge a lot in fees.
  • Secondly,  this form of trading is a difficult skill to master. It takes several years for a trader to graduate from the ‘beginner’ level, through ‘intermediate’, to ‘expert’. And, ‘expert’ is where we find all the reward. In other words, short-term trading, in contradiction to its name, takes a long time to learn.
  • Finally, learning the intraday and day trading skills is often, through the beginner and intermediate stages, financially penalising.


From the intraday charts, the fund trades long and short across a broad list of currency pairings.


Ratios I concern myself about include average reward to risk achieved (R), win to loss as a percentage and account balance risked per trade.


Add to the fund incrementally and compound.  


  • Protect the fund
  • Make some money
  • Compound weekly

Fund amount (September 2020)


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