August is more active than usual.

So far, the currency and index markets have been more active than traditionally so in August.  My anchor or intraday timeframe has moved out to the hourly chart. I still, however, for context, frequently view the 4 hour and daily charts. The weekly also but only to reaffirm a previously drawn crucial weekly support or […]

What a trader needs to know to improve profitability

What am I working on the most to improve my trading profitability?  A question, some would think, answered with reference to strategy or method, but it is not that, as significant as it is. It is regardless of a traders methodology. What makes a massive difference to profitability is knowing these three inputs: R, win/loss […]

Trading principles, are they important?

In the previous three posts, I talked about distinct characteristics (principles) that may be necessary to help make us consistently profitable in technical, financial trading. A process or a way that we can apply to any methodology, within reason. So, am I saying that the method or system by which we trade is secondary to […]

Quantitative t​​rad​er​

If we now know what a disciplined and a discretionary trader looks like why add quantitatively? If discipline is our safety net and discretionary is our process, then quantitativeness is our foundation. It is the confidence on which we base our trades. In word order, I try to be a disciplined, quantitative, discretionary trader. Quantitatively […]