Copper, Gold, Silver, Crude Oil and USD/CAD this week

Copper has had an intense week and finished high. Silver, in particular, has spiked up. Gold also increased but ended the week more or less even. Crude oil has finished the week reasonably strong. USD/CAD is still some way from turning up and will need careful management. Here they are in slightly more detail: My […]

Achieving excellent trade entries helps a lot

How our trades have progressed this week: We are short Gold. We went short at the red arrows. That is, we expect the price to go down. If Gold goes down in price, we gain. It is always tricky to find the best price and often it is merely ‘good is good enough’. But our first […]

Trading methods that suit

A keen trader or investor has to use a method that they understand and that gives them an advantage, an edge – no matter how small. That method, or way of trading, has to suit the trader’s personality. The technique could be fast-moving, lower time frame, or slow-moving, higher timeframe. Or a combination of both. […]

Our medium term strategy holds good, for now

Here is a snapshot of our (open) results for the last week. I won’t usually show this detail as it can be misleading when we have a mix of recent and longer-term open trades. But as all our trades have similar creation dates, I felt it was okay to include. We have a medium-term strategy […]

Current short trades in Gold, Silver and Copper.

We have open trades short with Gold, Silver and Copper. Our strategy here shows promise. The aggregate of these trades has seen us in the money by some £1,000. Soon followed by us being out of the money by about £900. The latter was a consequence of the last FOMC meeting and interest rate announcements. […]

Slow Trader Trades

In our fund (Slow Trader) we recently invested short – that is to say, we want the price to go down – in Gold, Silver and Copper. (This strategy is a one to three-month trade, but varies slightly for each commodity).  Fund exposure is currently £70,738 (leveraged) Silver stop risk is £1,953 – between 4 […]

Slow Trader Fund Update

Slow Trader closed to any new funds until next year. Here are the amounts: For the sake of simplicity, percentage gain or loss refers to original funded amounts. We are now ready for 2016. Our attention this year is on gold, silver, copper and crude oil. We will also trade from time-to-time the SPDR S&P 500 […]