gold and silver – are prices ready to drop?

Copper – An uneventful week for the commodities. All except copper which moved down without us and with enthusiasm. Copper, however, had an unclear read on the COT (often the case with copper) and a vague read on the daily charts. Therefore we are correct to be out – as to stay in would have been to rely too heavily on hope.

Crude oil and USD CAD – We hold a small position on crude oil short. But a 200 pip climb is likely and at which point we may add to our shorts. USD CAD, which often reflects a delayed but exact opposite price movement to crude oil, shows a clearer picture. Too much reliance on the difference between these two charts (crude oil and USD CAD) is, however, a ‘chicken and the egg’ question.

Gold – Having taken some profits (short) from gold last week we continue to hold a small position short. Expecting to add to shorts anytime this week. The net position of the commercials remains at a 5-year low; this will provide excellent momentum to a drop in the price of gold if the price per ounce falls to the $1,200 region.

Silver – Similarly with silver. We took some profit last week and continue to hold a small position short. Looking for a price climb to $1,730 before adding to shorts. Silver, however, has an even more dramatic picture on the COT as the net position of commercials is at a 10-year low. As with gold, any significant reduction in the price of silver will probably result in an exaggerated acceleration short.

Intraday strategy – As an aside, much work has been done this week developing our short-term momentum strategy (namely using GBP USD intraday charts) on trading range breakouts and subsequent channels. I know this doesn’t make a lot of sense to the investor, but to a trader, it is a high probability strategy with measurable risk and reward. And possibly the most lucrative of intraday strategies.

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