Profitable gold and silver – missed USD CAD

A good week with profitable trades in gold and silver. The week did come with a small loss and missed an opportunity in the currency pairing USD CAD. Also, we were out of the money for much of the week in crude oil only to grab a brief break-even buyback. Overall, a good week. Silver […]

We take some profit from gold, crude oil and USD/CAD

Until now we have traded the commodities: gold, silver, copper, crude oil and USD/CAD on a weekly basis. That is referring to weekly charts and a weekly COT report. We also have, as discussed last week, considered introducing the fund to intraday trading. Each of which (weekly and intraday) are somewhat on the extreme. On […]

Gold and Silver finish week on a high

Silver finished the week with a strong move up. Silver is at, or slightly above, a three-year trend line. The COT shows the net position of commercials at multiple year lows; meaning the majority of commercials (the big buyers and sellers) have short positions on silver. As do we. Difficult to hold through, but that […]