Buzz writes his blog, somewhat selfishly, he mentions, for himself. “The posts have become a series of reminders so that I can gain the most from my mistakes”, he says.

Buzz was a fighter pilot.

Over 5,000 hours on fast jet aircraft, Buzz commanded a squadron of personnel and fighter aircraft and flew operational and training missions in regions such as Bosnia, Northern Iraq, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Alaska, the Nevada Desert, North of the Arctic Circle, Gibraltar, Sardinia and throughout Europe.

For the last several years he has been a (near) full-time retail trader, and more recently an intraday price action full-time trader.

Buzz trades currency pairings and┬ámanages the ‘Slow Trader’ hedge fund.

He is also the owner of a ‘rather good’ small business – determinedly managed by his daughter and son-in-law.

Buzz lives with his wife on the North Norfolk coast and enjoys long beach and cliff walks, basketball with his old teammates, tennis with his elder (trader and web designer) son and visiting good restaurants with his younger (trader, chef and previously civil engineer) son.

Buzz has a Master’s Degree in War and Strategy from King’s College, London.