Weekly Diary – Slow Trader Fund

A week of lessons and some missed trades.

A few areas that I’ve traded this week have been disappointing. Not by judging the trade correctly, far from it, that has been good, but by being stopped out too soon. A novice trading error possibly. It’s a great lesson to take forward.

Here are the trades in question:

Silver. We had a good ‘short’ signal for silver – both on the chart and the COT. The COT was a little early, so I set what I considered to be a good size stop. A stop is the exit point, the point at which we get out and accept our loss if all goes wrong. Notice on the chart below how the price climbed to almost the exact position of my stop. A stop twice this distance with a reduced trade amount was the answer. We may have a second chance if price retraces as I’ve indicated with the blue arrow.


Notice the COT below for silver. It is at a 3-year low shown by the blue line. Once this turns up, and remember that the COT is big picture only, this will support a short for silver. Gold has also come down with a similar, although not quite so pronounced, COT picture.


EUR USD. The currency pairing of EUR USD is one that I trade day-to-day. Notice how volatile this currency has been of late. I have provided the 1-hour chart to illustrate this by showing several recent spikes up.


The spikes may not look like much, but to a day trader (trading an intraday chart) they are a challenge. Again a significant stop distance (about 40 pips) is necessary. However, this makes for difficulty achieving a traders equation of 2:1 on a 40% probability trade, which is the minimum requirement for most swing trades.

Crude Oil. A wide trading range has developed for WTI. The Price of WTI moved down to coincide with the top of the first daily breakout. An expected phenomenon. The (buy) signal, although bearish on the daily chart, was right in hindsight; however, I will look for a second entry opportunity to go long if price retraces back to the lower trend line and again provides a good buy signal. After that, I’d expect the price to climb to the top of the channel that I’ve drawn with a 40% or 60% probability of ascending or descending respectively.


We remain in Ashtead Group PLC with a target shown by the blue arrow below.


Finally, A reminder that Slow Trader values provided every first Saturday of the month.

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