New funds to trade

All traders look for an edge, an ideal way to enter, manage and exit a trade. New funds.

It is crucial that a chosen edge suits us individually too.

The time-critical stress of the day traders world is probably not for everyone. Nor, for others, the weeks or months of being out of the money, as in the longer time frame deals.

However, if we have the time, the knowledge and the inclination we might be comfortable trading in both disciplines.

More than this, one helps to condition the other. In day trading we have learnt the art of the identification of a likely trade. In longer-term trades, we appreciate the need for trade management and a requirement to ignore emotion and the uncanny ability to hit targets when we are not necessarily observing the trade moment to moment.

A big supporter of the commitments of Traders (COT) report, not everyone is as it is infrequent in its signals and notoriously broad in its message. However, with longer bets, as a ‘conditional’ trader, the COT provides arguably the only edge that is not in itself related directly from the price.

Day trading has provided us with skills that can be coupled very well with the longer term charts and this, in conjunction with the COT, offers an exciting way forward.

With additional funds coming in to trade, we looked at what would complement our day trades but not emotionally or otherwise interfere.

Significant commodities and a selection of currencies traded from weekly charts in unison with the COT is our chosen direction.

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