Plan, Brief, Execute and Debrief

The quality of our trades depends on the quality of the decisions we make. We are not born with this ability, we learn it. Strategies guide and define our choices. Therefore, based on sound principles, a good plan is a vital step for us to produce right decisions.

Once we have a clear understanding of each part of our strategy, we can invent our own way of recalling its sequence (as an ex-military pilot I like the plan, brief, execute and debrief order of things)

  1. Plan (News and Market Cycle)
  2. Brief (Backtest and Probability)
  3. Execution (Valid Entry)
  4. Debrief

Our ebook has many pages, but the simple block above helps collapseĀ all our work into a process that allows, more often than not, to provide a profitable solution.

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