How goes it? week 24

This week most of our shares came up nicely. But it is early days in this swing and we have some way to go (possibly this coming week) to reach our sell targets.

Our only share to stop out was DaVita Healthcare Partners for a loss of £216. This is still an excellent possibility if I get another buy signal. On this occasion it dropped below my previous buy signal and I took our loss early.

We are currently in the money in all our other shares:

….of note: In the weekly reports I show the points up and down, rather than how much we are up or down monetarily. I find this helps me stay separate from the money emotion of it all. I will trade an amount on each share depending on an acceptable risk level. This is governed by several things but mainly the value of the share. For example BT Group may have £30 per point risked whereas Under Armour has 0.9 pence per point risked…..

Arm Holding up 7.8 points. This share has provided a lower high and I will move my stop up close or will come out soon for a small profit.

BT Group up 11.7 points. This share has climbed nicely over the last few days bouncing off a 50% retracement line. We are holding.

Halliburton up 63 points. In the oil equipment sector. This share came down 70 points on Friday. However, we bought at a good price and the possible up side is well worth risking our present 63 points. I will move our stop however so that at worst we will break even.

ITV PLC up 6.4 points. We bought this at a good price and the last 3 days have seen a reasonable jump. A hold. up 5.4 points. This took a large drop a week or so ago. It provided a good buy signal for us, and the share moved up nicely during the end of last week. A hold for us.

Monster Beverage up 35 points. This came down close to our stop. We were lucky not to have a loss on Monster. Price moved up on Friday but we are not out of the woods yet. A nervous hold.

Under Armour Inc. up 275 points. This has been level for a few weeks. It jumped up nicely a week ago then stayed level again. Stop moved to break even. We will hold.

Foreign Exchange currency pairs  – I’m still struggling to master the FX market and I’m down on those trades. However, we have made a clear adjustment to our strategy and potential benefits are well worth the perseverance.

I will include FX in coming weekly reports so you will see the (larger than shares) ups and downs of the market.




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