Slow Trader Diary – week 27

Our fund, in total, is down 17%. Or £4,842.67 out of the investment of £30,000. Those used to a ‘normal’ fund will consider this drastic as it takes an age in a ‘normal’ fund to come back 17%. However, I’m pleased with our recent come back to this level – always more difficult to bring […]

Slow Trader Diary – Week 26

One step forward, followed by one step back. Or was it the other way round? When trading (or managing) a leveraged fund there is no hiding. Unlike ‘normal’ funds where poor investments ignored under the (incorrect) pretence that the share price will eventually return. Often it doesn’t. And the loss is rarely admitted to – […]

How goes it? Week 25

For simplification, I’ve combined Slow Trader and Ferrari into one fund which we will refer to as Slow Trader Fund. Our strategy in Slow Trader is to short-term trade (using, primarily, daily close bars rather than intraday bars) shares in the FTSE 350, stocks in the S&P 500 and major foreign exchange (FX) currency pairings. […]

How goes it? week 24

This week most of our shares came up nicely. But it is early days in this swing, and we have some way to go (possibly this coming week) to reach our sell targets. Our only share to stop out was DaVita Healthcare Partners for a loss of £216. An excellent possibility if I get another […]