Slow Trader Diary – week 27

Our fund, in total, is down 17%. Or £4,842.67 out of the investment of £30,000.

Those used to a ‘normal’ fund will consider this drastic as it takes an age in a ‘normal’ fund to come back 17%. However, I’m pleased with our recent come back to this level – always more difficult to bring a fund back up – but once we’re over the hump…

With good money management (not risking too much too quickly) we can bring this back in a few weeks with good trading.

However, remember that original invested amounts are guaranteed and can be taken back at any time, in any amount, without influence to the fund or fellow investors.

At some point soon I know, based on our lessons learnt, that we will soar.

Here are our trade results this week:

Long interest paid was £10.87 – a reflection of our limited trades due to the Greek issues and subsequent volatility in the markets (shares, stocks and FX). Bonds, and commodities were not adversely affected but I have not had a buy signal for those this week.

WPP PLC, – £194 loss.

CLS Holdings PLC, – £471 loss.

Pace PLC, – £145 loss.

FX GBP/JPY, + £384 gain., + £108 gain.

ITV PLC, + £93 gain.

Monster Beverage Corp, +£691 gain.

Elementis PLC, + £160 gain.

Total losses this week including long interest: £821

Total gains this week: £1,436

Not exciting. But considering many (probably all of you) with ‘normal’ long term managed funds would have had a loss this week.

The Greek issue continues this weekend with the referendum.

We are out of the market this weekend. We are holding no trades. This is because the markets can ‘gap’ – either up or down – depending on the Greek outcome. A gap is a jump from close of market before the weekend to open of market after the weekend. Those without a guaranteed stop risk a significant hit to their funds.

Next weeks subsequent volatility could suit us. Looking forward to it!









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