Hedge Funds Update

We remain down:

Sorry, that is how it is. How much down I’m going to keep to myself for a while. I know we’ll be even by the next report, 23rd February. After that, based on patterns, I say that we’ll be up 40% by 23rd April. And after that, until the annual report of Slow Trader Hedge, we’ll gain a further 10%. (Ferrari Hedge started later and will fare slightly better).

We will, therefore, have a total gain in Slow Trader Hedge of only 50%. Somewhat short of my second prediction.

What went wrong? Encouragement from you possibly did it, and I have to say good-natured help at that. The problem was me. My inexperience of dealing with other peoples money. I tried too hard.

I could have tried to edge some back over the early New Year but decided against it. When you take a hit, at least in the trading sense, it’s sometimes best to take a ‘review’ time out.

Slow Trader and Ferrari Hedge, and my funds have been entirely out of the market for a few weeks.

We have only just trickled back in. Building slowly over the next few weeks as buy patterns present themselves and as my indicators suggest.

I often knock the managed funds, because they fail most of the time. I still have no support for managed funds, but I do now appreciate what they have to do. Unlike me, they have additional pressure from shareholders, bosses etc.; they cannot take time out to regroup.

I continually read that 94% of people that do what I do fail to make the grade. In the case of managed funds, fail to beat the index – in my case, fail to stay profitable, or worse.

I need to learn from this experience and do my thing – not the thing that is encouraged of me.

As a Slow Trader or Ferrari Hedge investor, you have no downside this first investment year. Invested amounts initially can be returned whenever wanted, and with no detriment to remaining investors.

But over the next few months, I think it’s going to be positively exciting.

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