Slow Trader Fund Update

Slow Trader closed to any new funds until next year. Here are the amounts: For the sake of simplicity, percentage gain or loss refers to original funded amounts. We are now ready for 2016. Our attention this year is on gold, silver, copper and crude oil. We will also trade from time-to-time the SPDR S&P 500 […]

A brief overview of how we did last year.

We finished the year with only an 8% gain, but that does not tell the whole story. You will recall that 12 months ago I was using a daily trading system that relied heavily on several indicators. I won’t go into detail as to which indicators because it is now irrelevant. I also employed a […]

Monthly Slow Trader Fund update – 13th January 2016

The fund remains up by 8%. The last month has been a time for what can be called ‘backtesting’. In other words, development of trading strategies by using historical charts. As in any practice, most benefits gained when tests are as realistic as possible. And I would say that in many ways, backtesting is more […]

Weekly Diary – Slow Trader Fund 7th November 2015

I will provide the fund amount with the first Saturday of each month, or close to it. We are 7% up on our original investment: The name Slow Trader referred to my trading style. Namely my steadiness regarding: ‘the tortoise and the hare’. It was not intended to refer to the pace at which the […]