Eve’s share list – what do you think?

Eve (not actual name) has this share list.  Through an ISA so LSE only.

There is a mixture of FTSE 100, 250, AIM and small cap here. As we only calculate FTSE 100 and 250 (Grouped as FTSE 350) and S&P 500 shares I’ll show this based just on medium-term chart signals rather than Nick’s company numbers.

Aggreko – trending down but the medium term is a hold.

Barclays – choppy recently. Short term (a possible) hold. Medium term, sell.

Centamin – short term a slight drop. Medium-term hold. Moreover, gold to increase this year.

Delling Group – unless you know something! Sell.

Glencore – copper to rise. I’d say hold.

HSBC – banks more difficult to judge. By the signals, its a sell, and has been since late September.

Petrofac – oil industry has taken a hit. However, Petrofac is one of our ‘top buy tips’ based on company numbers. Crude oil to increase again in March. Hold.

Premier foods – short term is a probable dip. Medium-term difficult. Consider a sell.

Quindell – recently increased nicely. If you need the cash, sell. If not, and you like a bet, then hold.

Wetherspoon – neutral with a slight trend upwards. Could equally go up or down! It is going to do something based on the length of time it has done nothing! Probably to continue its current drop to 780p, but a climb is possible. Tentative hold.

Any spare cash and nothing in the ‘top buy tips’ takes your interest consider an index tracker in FTSE 100 or S&P 500 e-mini or even a gold ETF. However, if holding Centamin (gold) then consider diversification and exposure to too much in one commodity. You also have copper and oil, in some regard, through Glencore and Petrofac respectively.

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