My S&P 500 top buy tips 2015

Again, from Nick’s spreadsheet, I have selected a few S&P 500 shares to buy as part of your go-get-em portion of your money.

Google Inc (either GOOG or GOOGL), Priceline Group Inc, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc, Michael Kors Holdings Ltd, Qualcomm Incorporated.

Based on the company showing above 80% consistency of growth, a present value that Nick has as less than 55% of potential, and no, or insignificant, debt. P/E has to be representative of the companies sector and probably not above 40. There are lots of other criteria, but these cover the main ones.

Based on a medium-term buy signal about to show. Probably within a couple of weeks.

Be aware, however, that you need to understand the company too. Blackberry, for example, would have qualified for a few years in the above category – but at that point, Blackberry also had no future market.

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