A bit more about top buy tips for 2015

You will notice that my buy suggestions yesterday are mostly expensive by UK share prices. These are not shares that you will hope to double your money within a few months. That is a different approach altogether.

I found that suggesting such volatile shares didn’t work because to buy volatile stocks unless you are really in the know, is trading rather than investing. A difference between trading and investing is that timing is everything. And unless you have my indicators or similar and watch your volatile share regularly, you can miss it.

The shares I have pointed you to are part of your go-get-em or growth fund. Not your fun fund. That is something entirely different. How you divide your total account into Annuity (or pension), go-get-em (or growth) and fun are up to you. I think it is not that difficult as the only areas that should alter are the annuity and fun. The go-get-em should, to my mind, always stay the same.

In other words, if your age is 25 your fun fund is more significant than your annuity. Probably much bigger! Later in life, the proportion of these funds equal each other and then later still in life they switch places. However, the go-get-em portion can stay the same throughout. And these are the shares I gave you yesterday. It is essential to adjust the proportions regularly. Let’s say you have particular success in your fun fund then this has to be redistributed back to an overall fund balance that is right for you; this should be done regularly and probably annually.

In the next day or two, I will provide the US growth shares.

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