Monthly Slow Trader Fund update – 5th December 2015

Slow Trader Fund is up by a total of 8%. Here’s individual positions:


You may recall from recent posts that I’m spending more time developing day-trading abilities. That is: trading from the 5 minute chart.

Slow Trader is a daily chart fund. This has not changed.

However, development of day trading technique will be of great benefit to the fund.

That is because price action in each time frame is similar. Trade management, trade frequency, assessment time and pressure are different.

Trading in the 5 minute chart demands a constant (all day usually) watch of the chart. My style is to watch only one chart when in the 5 minutes. And from this one chart there are usually many opportunities in the day to trade.

In contrast, far fewer opportunities are available for trades from the daily chart. Therefore, usually a number of different (daily) charts can be analysed.

A successful day trader (and I mean the 5 minute chart, as the one minute chart is intense and draws a trader down the path of extreme scalping rather than – my prefered – trades which are broad scalps and swings) can profitably trade the daily charts.

The same is not true in reverse.

The benefits for the fund in my being able to trade the 5 minute charts is exponential.

The New Year goal for the Slow Trader Fund is growth at a monthly rate of 5% to 10%. Ambitious but, I think, doable.

Next fund update is 6th February.


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