Slow Trader Diary

Slow Trader fund up this week to + 5%.

To report the fund each week encourages trades to be cashed too early to show a profit. That is silly. Therefore, I propose to provide the fund report, whenever possible, the first Saturday of each month.

The diary of trades taken, wins and loss, and those trades that are on the radar, will be discussed each week as usual.

These are considerations coming up:

Crude oil (WTI)


We have a buy signal on the daily chart shown above. A 60% probability of WTI climbing to $50. After that, the price may descend into a trading range or may continue climbing for a measured move up to about $55. Whether we hold or not at the $50 line will depend on price action and momentum when, and if, we get there. Also, the COT is in our favour for this trade.



Gold has provided a measured move up, in agreement with the COT. After a breakout on 2nd October, gold is now in a short-term bull trend (a bull channel on the daily chart). It has reached a resistance level, however, and the likelihood is that price will fall back slightly (XAU USD) to $1150. A trading range above its 5-year low? If this happens, we will look for a buying opportunity if price action and the COT agree.

S&P 500

The S&P 500 has broken above the resistance level that we discussed last week. The ratio has now swapped to 60% probability of the price climbing. Indeed, a new high could result in the coming weeks.

This positiveness in the S&P puts a good light on stocks within the index. We will look for opportunities to buy ‘fundamentally’ good stocks as and when they provide price action buy chances.

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