Slow Trader Diary – week 35

Gold, we’re in long. Broker charges for the week were a credit of £9.48.


Our target is in the region of 1212; this is in-line with the COT, and if the present bull continues it will nicely form a trend long. However, as we have seen this week, the market remains volatile.

Of the other trades we considered earlier in the week:

Silver moved down lower than expected, did not provide a price at a level I could determine. So no trade.

NZDUSD remains a possibility to go long briefly. But it is presently stable below its low of recent weeks.


GBPUSD, having been quite stable through the initial turmoil of the week, just blew down. It may turn at the 15350 regions or continue down to as low as 15190. I’m less convinced of this trade. It has, for now, become choppy which always makes for a difficult read. The COT is still a buy but is weakening, we do not have a recent trend, although the intermediate trend remains long. Only excellent (daily) price will convince me to take GBPUSD at the moment.

EURUSD is approaching our predicted bounce point. However, the COT is about to turn, and we are all aware of the volatility presently associated with the EUR. My thought is that the bounce could happen, but briefly. Price may turn down again before the previous high thus continuing the trend short.


WTI, or crude oil, bounced off its lower stop this week. This move has the support of the COT, but nothing dramatic for the time being. Too early to decide, but it is on the watch list.

Finally, the S&P and FTSE have moved up slightly, but the roller coaster might not be over yet.

As I’m away for a few weeks, the next diary will be 26th September.

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