Strategy and tactics are often confused by traders

Strategy and tactics, what’s the difference? In the military fast jet world determining a clear strategy was the responsibility of the Generals. Throughout the Cold War period, most Western countries got it wrong. Politics and industry drove strategy. In the 70’s The United States Air Force (USAF) allowed a different approach. They put strategy above […]

How to make a living trading the financial markets

After the holiday season, and over several posts, I aim to show how to make a living trading the financial markets. I will try to explain: How to harness gut feeling, the most important of instincts. How to turn most trades into a positive outcome. And, finally, how to leap. That is the challenge, join […]

Our medium term strategy holds good, for now

Here is a snapshot of our (open) results for the last week. I won’t usually show this detail as it can be misleading when we have a mix of recent and longer-term open trades. But as all our trades have similar creation dates, I felt it was okay to include. We have a medium-term strategy […]

How goes it? Week 25

For simplification, I’ve combined Slow Trader and Ferrari into one fund which we will refer to as Slow Trader Fund. Our strategy in Slow Trader is to short-term trade (using, primarily, daily close bars rather than intraday bars) shares in the FTSE 350, stocks in the S&P 500 and major foreign exchange (FX) currency pairings. […]