Sequences and signals in the moment

In “Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering everything”, Joshua Foer considers that chess masters don’t plan as far as we think they do.

Foer shows how such players don’t plan their moves more than the next couple. However, he does show that through a great deal of practice chess masters rely on recognising, at the moment, many sequences of moves.

The more skilled an opponent then, the more subtle, seemingly random or non-standard a response of active play can be expected.

In the same way as a chess master will remain open and reactive, so must a short-term trader, and particularly in the markets of heavily traded currency pairings.

The expert trader does not fall in love with a preconceived trade. It’s a trade that is happening in the moment and one that the trader will reverse their decision on in a heartbeat if a sequence or signal gives predetermined reason for change.

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