The short the medium and the long

What is new for 2017?

Firstly, for my day trading from 5-minute charts I’ve chosen:


I trade these most days (half day Friday) from 8 am to 6 pm. With an hour or two off here and there for good behaviour. I will report day trading ideas from time to time through this weekly blog.

Secondly, for the ‘slow Trader fund’ from daily charts I’ve chosen:

The UK top 200 shares

Selected after reflection over the holiday period. Trading currency pairings on a higher term chart, when probably taking the opposite view on a lower term chart, is awkward. Therefore, we needed a home for the fund, and the UK top 200 shares fit the bill. Why not US stocks? There is a change in tax on US stocks, and also we consider that later this year a significant move in the dollar is likely. Enough is going on trying to pick share direction – we don’t need to have to factor in considerable currency changes too.

I’m excited about this move to the fund. We will trade both long and short based on ‘price action’ technical analysis. It will provide stability and the increase that we’re anticipating. I review all qualifying shares every trading day morning. Entries based on daily charts, however, best entries may be found on lower time frame charts. Ideally we are looking for entries to last a few days out to a maximum of a few weeks.

I’ve chosen a selection of the top 200 shares that have what I’m looking for regarding price, liquidity and stability. I will blog the complete list later and keep members updated of results through this blog.

Finally, we also want to provide information for the best UK pension ever. That is long-term (many years) investment via the UK share ISA.

Fundamental analysis is a reintroduction to Slow Trader. Nick has kindly agreed to provide regular information from his spreadsheet on which UK shares are high performers and available at the right price. Nick will be reviewing the FTSE 350 (that is the FTSE 100 and 250 combined), and I will keep you updated from this list. I won’t describe companies, as I’ve done before, but provide the essentials from the spreadsheet. These are for long only consideration.

This is all about the fundamentals and the incredible analysis tool that Nick has created. However, James and I will add our long-term (weekly and monthly chart) technical slant. More of this soon.

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