Trading time is valuable, but some things are important

Sometimes I have to knuckle down and get the basics done.

For me, this week, that has included a rewrite of my strategies. Relatively meaningless, I hasten to add, to anyone else that is not a price action trader.

On a similar note, it occurred to me that a reason that losses take many times longer to make back – than they did to lose in the first place – is down to not modifying price per pip timely and correctly. I’ve reviewed this and put in place what I feel is a reactive but practicable risk management adjustment.

Moreover, short-term trading demands consistent long-term screen time. I have to say ‘no’ to almost everything else. Otherwise valuable trading time disappears. This week I lost three days, Tuesday to Thursday (which means the whole week because isolated trading days are not ideal). This was to travel and support an old friend at his mother’s funeral. Saying ‘no’ is okay, but some things are important.


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