Don’t add anything until it’s been practised, briefed and you know it works

Watched a BBC 2 recording of Skies above Britain 3/5 yesterday. Featured an aviator I knew from my RAF days who now flies weekends as part of a “Wildcat” Pitt Special duo public display team.

He has a couple of decades of RAF fast jet experience behind him and looks more like the present day Martin Shaw with his silver hair than when I knew him, but the Wildcat clarity of purpose and professionalism was apparent when compared to a few of the other aviators that featured.

At a stretch, there is a crossover from this to trading. The Wildcat’s preparation, manoeuvres and sequence of execution were precise, defined and practised; they never, it seemed, added anything unconsidered beforehand.

In trading our fund, we are adding profit now week after week. That, I feel, is because we are applying a similar discipline to that of the Wildcat display team. We don’t add anything in until it’s been practised, briefed and we know it works.

Next blog 24th September, see you then.

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I flew fast jets for 30 years of my life. I've traded full-time, more or less, for the last ten years, initially from fundamentals and over the last few years as a dedicated day trader. I live on the North Norfolk coast.

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