What we call a ‘controlled trading technique’

Slow Trader fund up over 10% for the year.

We’ve moved away from the trade and hold philosophy. A philosophy that ambitiously has the account gaining 30% in a month (sometimes a few days) but worryingly can go the other way even quicker.

We’ve moved to what we consider to be a controlled trading technique.  The gains so far with this technique have not been so significant as it’s a reflection, clearly, of successful trades and then a representation of the amount traded.

Previously we would set a trade and let it ride for days or weeks. That gives the trade excellent opportunity to profit from a trend. The issue with our new ‘controlled’ trading system is that we only hold a trade for as long as we’re sitting watching the trade.

However, controlled trading for us wins hands down over the ‘hold and hope’ system.

What we will do now is increase our amount per trade. We’re confident (and it’s all about confidence) to do this. As we move into October (more of why October next) we will double the amount placed on each trade.

I’m needed to manage the Hotel for a couple of weeks, as crucial staff are away, and then I’m away myself after that for a couple of weeks in Majorca. That brings us to mid-September whereby we’ll start back with a few days of back-testing. We will then have a week of trading at our present risk per trade and to then trade with the more substantial amounts as we move into October.

An exciting, controlled stage of trading that we are about to embark. Thank you for staying aboard.

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