At the end of every Friday to have made money

A small profit this week but most days of trading were lost due to a nationwide BT broadband connection issue. We use BT infinity. You may or may not have been affected by the BT thing this week, we were. What is more, a slow, intermittent broadband connection can be annoying in many cases – in live lower time frame trading charts, its scary stuff.

….it’s like steering your expensive yacht through a twisty narrow channel, made up from a flotilla of other expensive yachts, and you have a rudder that is a made from a squishy sponge.

Coincidently, next week is the final big push week of putting the final touches and furniture into the family business extension. So trading time disruption expected. As we go into August we will be back to six hours a day trading days. And the aim of the fund remains: at the end of every Friday to have made money.


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