2016 forecast

Larry Williams provides an annual stock market forecast – it’s considered one of the most reliable.

My trading, as I read charts bar-by-bar, does not require a forecast. However, I’ve used Larry’s forecasts in the past. Larry’s comment for 2016 starts with:

….”It looks like it’s begun; a 2016 bear market. Hold on though. My cycles studies point to a decline this year that will punish long-term investors – but NOT right now. In fact, cycles say we have a spirited rally not far away; then a decline that will hurt the bulls and take cash away from investors and traders.”

It’s because of such uncertainty that I now stay away from the mid-term investing timeframes, that is trades/investments held for a few months to a few years. I focus on short-term stuff and, occasionally, out for a few weeks.

The only other investment timeframe, in my view, is 30 years or more via great fundamentals.

Here’s Larry’s forecast for the EUR for 2016. Larry provides this one free. The full report is $195.



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