Weekly Diary – Slow Trader Fund 14th November 2015

As the week progressed the trading opportunities in the 5-minute chart EUR USD went from frustration to good to ideal.

As the week started good ‘scalp’ opportunities were taken within a tight trading range (shown by the thin red line below). However, on a final-buy (shown by the blue arrow below) I got it wrong. Not with the trade, as this happens and I’m happy to take a small loss. But wrong because I left it too late to exit; this took away all that day’s good work, and a bit more. Frustration.


Trading is such that I need to be 100%, or, sensibly, I don’t trade. The edge is too small to do otherwise.

The middle of the week, shown below, was cautious but good with a few successful short sells and no losses: a short-sell is a trade that profits from the market price going down.


The ideal trade came with a ‘swing’ trade at the end of the week.


Late in the evening, the EUR USD chart provided three pushes up, usually a sign of a final move, with the last move up being an exhaustion bar (a bar that is bigger than recent bars); this provided the high at the red box above. I took a short sell near the high with a buyback at the blue box. More than made up for the error early in the week.

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