Shares traded this week

Non of our shares reached their price targets this week.

We usually only trade shares long (unlike the FX market which we trade long and short).

The FTSE 350 and S&P 500 markets were generally down this week. Certain sectors like Home Construction had a good week.

However, the general down periods in the market present us with buy signals.

The one I got wrong was Southwestern Energy Co. A higher risk share for us as it was early in an up cycle following a large down cycle. It retraced more than I wanted.

On the plus side, we entered:

Arm Holdings which we got for a good price and is up a few points.

BT Group, this is a weak growth share but a positive growth non the less. We are at even on this.

Halliburton Co, we had a buy limit set on this company for most of the week. We recently got it and it immediately moved nicely up. An oil equipment company but very much dependent on the oil commodity price.

Monster Beverage had a good buy signal but has moved lower. We are still in this share although my stop position will not allow it to move much lower. Hopefully we’ll get a nice recover in the market and Monster next week.

Under Armour Inc. was bought early in the week and stayed low throughout. Yesterday however it moved very sharply up in our favour – still some way to go to our sell target.

A reminder not to use this as recommendations as the buy time on most has probably passed. You would end up buying as I’m selling!

You can get early information via WhatsApp – more on this later.




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