How are the funds doing?

As I’ve said, our trading approach has changed a lot. Your funds are now income rather than growth. But we still have two funds:

1. SlowTrader – trades the FX (foreign exchange pairings) gold, silver, WTI (light crude oil) and S&P index. This fund takes short-term trades both long and short using daily, 4-hour and 1-hour charts.

2. Ferrari – trades Nick’s top shares in FT 350 and S&P 500. This fund also takes short-term trades but is primarily long using daily charts only.

Your monies have been split equally between each fund.

Here’s a snapshot of the funds:

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 07.49.51

The running P&L still has a share in both funds from my old system. The stock is down and expires mid-May. I’m hoping between now and then this share will come back up.

Remember this is a snapshot only. The running P&L could be in the green this afternoon.

Even – for both funds – is £15,000. Anything over this amount, at this time each month, you will get half your percentage profit. Those that have the maximum of £6,000 in their fund will receive the profit as tax-free income. Those with a fund that is less than £6,000 will have their profit reinvested until their fund is at £6,000.

Here’s how it stands:

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 08.32.55


What I can now do in my short term trading has taken hard work, (dedication to the point of an obsession really!) money and time. Anyone that tries to sell you a trading system and tells you it’s easy don’t believe them!

Anyone can withdraw funds at any time. But please don’t miss on a good time, you’ve come this far.

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