How are the funds doing?

As I’ve said, our trading approach has changed a lot. Your funds are now income rather than growth. But we still have two funds:

1. SlowTrader – trades the FX (foreign exchange pairings) gold, silver, WTI (light crude oil) and S&P index. This fund takes short term trades both long and short using daily, 4-hour and 1-hour charts.

2. Ferrari – trades Nick’s top shares in FT 350 and S&P 500. This fund also takes short term trades but is primarily long using daily charts only.

Your monies have been split equally between each fund. If you have an overriding preference on a certain fund just let me know.

Here’s a snap shot of the funds:

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 07.49.51

The running P&L still has a share in both funds from my old system. The share is down and expires mid May. I’m hoping between now and then this share will come back up.

Remember this is a snap shot only. The running P&L could be in the green this afternoon.

Even – for both funds – is £15,000. Anything over this amount, at this time each month, you will get half your percentage profit. Those that have the maximum of £6,000 in their fund will receive the profit as tax free income. Those with a fund that is less than £6,000 will have their profit reinvested until their fund is at £6,000.

Here’s how it stands:

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 08.32.55


What I can now do in my short term trading has taken hard work, (dedication to the point of obsession really!) money and time. Anyone that tries to sell you a trading system and tells you its easy don’t believe them!

Anyone can withdraw their funds at any time. But please don’t miss on the good time, you’ve come this far.

Talk soon – B



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