Fund Update


Good progress this month. Still slightly down but a good move to neutral.

Done with little time available for trading. Most time was taken up with a trading course in London, the completion of a detailed Australian on-line trading course and a weeks skiing in Austria!

My review of my trading has made it more specific. More focused. Rather than hundreds of charts I now concentrate on a dozen foreign exchange pairings, a similar number of company shares and half a dozen or so commodities. What a change.

Each of the above have to be traded with an advantage. With something that gives me a better than good chance of winning. I’m also trading shorter term than before. Rarely day trading, but taking trades for only a few days or a week or so. The exception being the commodities which can still be over a few weeks.

Soon, I will be set to trade full time – the lodge is becoming the office.

As your funds are leveraged there is little point in going for capital growth. I can’t trade more (because it is leveraged) than I have already. Therefore, I propose that as soon as we are neutral I send you a monthly cheque from any profits.

An annual review is therefore not needed. As you are monthly you can withdraw part or all funds whenever your fund account is neutral or better.

Distribution of profits is done on your share percentage of the fund you are in. Cheques are tax free.

Talk to you soon.







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