Watch em, don’t stalk em

I refer, of course, to your share watch list.

This change can greatly multiply your success.

Most of us keep a number of shares constantly in our watch list.

By doing this we are in danger of seeing long or short opportunities on a favoured share where, actually, there isn’t one.

Better to keep a watch list that contains only active or open shares and shares that you feel, from your main list, could soon provide an opportunity.

Anything else stays in your main list.

I now only trade from the FTSE 350 and S&P 500. And thats it. I view all 850 shares a couple of times a week or as often as I can.

When an open share is closed it is removed from the watch list and put back into the main list.

This ensures that all shares in my watch list are there for good current reasons and not nostalgia!

Hope this helps, it has for me.


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