Craneware PLC (CRW)

I like Craneware PLC as a buy at the moment. A USA hospital payment software system from a company based in Scotland. Recent sales up only 1% on previous year. However, they mention a steady increase in operations now and going forward. Achieving a consistent 25% operating margin – or profit percentage left after paying all costs but before paying tax. They also seem to invest their profits well.

Sales made from smaller contracts. If they can get a more significant contract, something they seem to be working hard to achieve, this could result in a good increase in share price. Craneware confidently claims that their products consistently outperform their competitor’s solutions. They have cash reserves of about 30 million and no debt.

If spread betting, Craneware has a large spread, about 8 pence, and a minimum bet of 5 pence with no guaranteed stop available.

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