Tracsis PLC (TRCS) £2.46

Tracsis Plc is a United Kingdom-based company. The principal activity of the Company is UK and Australian transport industry labour scheduling software. Awarded small cap company of the year. Annual turnover of 9M. Emphasis on small cap. 8 years of figures, we normally prefer 10 years as a slow trader. However, those 8 years have given 80% consistent growth figures. A possible future value of £20.20 if the growth can be maintained. Remember this all depends on whether you think they have a moat (see above for explanation). They have no debt, or at least they have capital to pay it off. One blip in EPS growth 5 years ago, otherwise good value and growth charts. Current and quick ratios are a little high which is not a bad thing as it shows good capital but indicates that they are possibly not making the most of their money – not a bad place to be! End-of-year operating margin at 34% moving to 36% on mid year report. Share price has climbed rapidly in just over one year from 50p.

As you would expect with this sort of share price rise, tide, wave and ripple are all up. A spread better should wait for a drop and therefore catch the next ripple. However, a long term buyer might buy now and accept a small drop if it comes in the near term.

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