To Achieve the higher levels of ‘amount per trade’

Amount per trade and consistency define the top 1% of traders. Our aim From our last report, we had some trades go against us for a time. We managed that occasion to an eventual near breakeven. However, it was an uncomfortable period of trading. Our principal aim is to protect the fund. (Which seems a contradiction […]

Slow Trader Fund

Our Slow Trader fund has sat on the fence for a few months waiting for me. Not being a boom and bust trader, I have traded small while developing our ‘probability trading’ technique. A trader needs to achieve a level of profitability through consistency before increasing trade size. The technique provides that, now it is up to me. […]

Slow Trader fund to a corporate CFD trust account?

Going forward a few words regarding our ‘Slow Trader’ fund. As our fund grows, I’m looking at its future organisation. I’m considering moving the fund to a CFD traded corporate trust account, nominated as a hedge fund. If we were to do this, we still wouldn’t pay stamp duty, but we would pay capital gains tax. […]

Slow Trader Fund, We’re Ready for Action

Thank you for your patience while I’ve performed a complete overhaul of my short-term trading strategy. Readers will notice the amount of work involved in the ‘how I trade’ page; this has been a great exercise, and one of which I’m confident will be well worth the wait. A reason for taking so long is […]