Trade entries

Trade entries entered the most are:

(1) On-limit entry trades that don’t activate, lead the way; this means we did not get the price we were prepared to pay for the trade. And that’s fine. (on-stop entries are not part of our strategy)

(2) Next, with a similar number, are break even or near breakeven trades; usually, these are trades that did not provide the follow through we anticipated. A problematic area of a trade and a clear strategy statistically works best here.

(3) Further down the score are trades that make target.

(4) Exited profitable trades before the goal, due to price action, rather than nerves, are similar in number to those that hit the target.

(5) Trades that hit stop or are exited early due to price action are fewer than those that hit the mark, thank goodness! (importantly, these trades are smaller than the target hit trades)

(6) However, the big leveller on trade entries and the difference between a consistently profitable trader and everyone else is limiting; zero would be nice, the number of batty entries. By batty, we refer to ego or tired entries, but more often than not they are miss read market reversals; a low risk, low probability trade that invariably ends up being vastly more expensive than anticipated.

The simple conclusion is: read the market cycle and price action and stop batty entries.

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