Learning from mistakes

Part of the start of the story

“Since I have traded full-time, I have gained a lot more experience, mostly by making mistakes and learning from them. I learned that failure is, on the whole, due to not accepting and successfully dealing with realities.

Achieving success, on the other hand, is a matter of accepting and successfully dealing with all my realities. I believe that financial traders become celebrated by looking at their mistakes and weaknesses and figuring out how to get around them.”

The story

Under the heading of ‘how to make a living trading the financial markets’, and password protected, I recently started to present what is for me an exciting yet straightforward financial trade strategy.

However, strategy alone did not tell the whole story. If a procedure is part of the middle then to be complete the story needed a beginning, the rest of the middle and an end.

My trading principles, lessons, stratagem and guide are all gifted from mistakes. It is nearing completion. I feel it would be a mistake not to get it finished and get it out there.

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