Trading methods that suit

A keen trader or investor has to use a method that they understand and that gives them an advantage, an edge – no matter how small. That method, or way of trading, has to suit the trader’s personality. The technique could be fast-moving, lower time frame, or slow-moving, higher timeframe. Or a combination of both. […]

Our medium term strategy holds good, for now

Here is a snapshot of our (open) results for the last week. I won’t usually show this detail as it can be misleading when we have a mix of recent and longer-term open trades. But as all our trades have similar creation dates, I felt it was okay to include. We have a medium-term strategy […]

My FTSE 350 top buy tips 2015

Nick’s spreadsheet shows us the real value of a company and measures a companies consistency of growth: here are my picks from Nick’s FTSE 350 spreadsheet. These companies show incredible potential future benefits and all with better than 80% consistency of grown. I would look at buying within the next couple of weeks. You have, […]