Aveva Group PLC (AVV)

AVEVA-to-Exhibit-at-Offshore-Wind-International-B2B-Event-2013We are approaching a good longer-term investors buy signal for Aveva, a computer software company for engineering solutions. I have set my buy today at £21.23. Remember that I will adjust this buy price if the share continues down. Note that the share is also trending down in the medium term, so those trading rather than investing may want to wait.

Naibu Global International Company PLC (NBU)

Naibu shows a buy indication at 77 pence.
A Chinese manufacturer and supplier of branded sportswear, Naibu have traded on the London Stock Exchange for six years. They employ some 2,300. A growing company that allows you to invest in China but also, indirectly, in Chinese currency.

The strength of Chinese Yuan to Pounds Stirling has contributed to Naibu’s decrease in share price over recent years. However, Pounds Stirling could be stabilising or even strengthening against the Yuan; this, in itself, could positively affect Naibu’s share price.

Naibu has 3,144 stores throughout central and western areas of China. By 2015 a new factory is planned to provide 12 additional product lines and help Naibu expand into even more cities and provinces.

They have achieved growing annual sales of about £100 million. More than half of sales are sports shoes, the remainder is clothing, and a tiny amount is accessories.
They pay regular dividends.

Naibu is openly seeking cooperation with international business partners. However, they had no significant investments, acquisitions or disposals last year.

Of possible note, the founding chairman recently sacked his CFO and appointed his sister in place. They have no debt, and all other figures seem very good. However, invest lightly.