The best looking chart is not always the most profitable

A slow market this morning. Little news until this afternoon. But a trade is a trade, and the best looking chart is not always the most profitable. We got suitable signals from both GBP/USD (top chart) and GBP/JPY (bottom chart) at about 09:45. GBP/JPY some five minutes earlier. Although the price action favoured GBP/USD, Japan […]

Asia to European provides trading opportunities

First trade of the day. EUR/USD short for 19.2 pips. Some great opportunities are often provided as the market transitions from the Asian to the European market time at about 8 am. The UK market opening at 9 am often more volatile and regularly contains economic activity. This morning at 9.30 am, for example, has a […]

Trading range management, can we get out of the woods?

Trading range management, a lesson as it happens live. As we write we do not know the outcome of our trade in USD/CHF that we started yesterday. We’re hopeful that this trade will become a suitable lesson in trade management. Having entered our bet short in the chart below at the red circle price quickly goes against […]

Accurate measurement of bars – measure, and measure again

Accurate measurement of bars and the like.  Not appreciated by many retail traders, but accuracy provides the clue. We are continually looking for that measure. It may be an explicit support or resistance level, or one that is not so obvious. It may be within a channel, or a trading range may define the boundaries. […]

Better to be the active rather than the defensive trader

To be the active trader, always preferable to the defensive trader. More on Hans Zimmers idea of questions and answers and how it relates to financial trading. We need to be on the watch for the smallest of hints that something isn’t quite as it seems. A question or three The currency markets we trade […]