Hargreaves Lansdown PLC (HL.) £9.79

Hargreaves Lansdown PLC is a provider of investment management products and services to private investors in the United Kingdom. A high P/E at 41, even for the industry.

However, they have a great 96% consistency of growth, and we feel that if this growth can continue value of £42.55 is possible long term. They have no debt, and all their growth and value charts are good, no blemishes. ROCE and ROE are high, as is there operating profit at 67%. Wow.

Retained earnings are good but not buying treasury stock. Do you understand what they do? Is demand for their flagship vantage going to continue? I think, why not.

Tide is up, the wave is down slightly, and the ripple is on the turn back up. Good buy time.

James Fisher and Sons plc (FSJ) £10.93

James Fisher and Sons plc is based in Barrow-in-Furness and provides marine and specialist engineering services. We value this company at £17.54.

The company could pay off all its debt in 1.3 years of profits. Only one blip in its EPS growth rate seven years ago, all other values and growths are good. Operating margin is 10% increased to 11% last six months. Order book reported growing.

Depreciation and inventory high at 36% and 17% respectively. However, they are buying treasury stock which is a good sign. Some share purchase by directors too.

Tide is up, the wave is down slightly, and ripple has turned back up. Good buy signal.