How have we done?

Here is a list of our shares posted to-date with percentage increase/decrease in price over the last 3-months:

DOM 09 December 2013 18%
RMV 05 December 2013 17%
IDH  28 November 2013 12%
PTEC 27 November 2013 9%
CRW 22 November 2013 24%
AVV 18 November 2013 0%
GBO 06 November 2013 0%
TRCS 02 November 2013 16%
DOM 25 October 2013 -5%
AGK 25 October 2013 12%
AMS 09 October 2013 26%
TRCS 09 October 2013 8%
AGK 09 October 2013 15%
HL. 09 October 2013 49%
FSJ 09 October 2013 20%

Naibu Global International Company PLC (NBU)

Naibu shows a buy indication at 77 pence.
A Chinese manufacturer and supplier of branded sportswear, Naibu have traded on the London Stock Exchange for six years. They employ some 2,300. A growing company that allows you to invest in China but also, indirectly, in Chinese currency.

The strength of Chinese Yuan to Pounds Stirling has contributed to Naibu’s decrease in share price over recent years. However, Pounds Stirling could be stabilising or even strengthening against the Yuan; this, in itself, could positively affect Naibu’s share price.

Naibu has 3,144 stores throughout central and western areas of China. By 2015 a new factory is planned to provide 12 additional product lines and help Naibu expand into even more cities and provinces.

They have achieved growing annual sales of about £100 million. More than half of sales are sports shoes, the remainder is clothing, and a tiny amount is accessories.
They pay regular dividends.

Naibu is openly seeking cooperation with international business partners. However, they had no significant investments, acquisitions or disposals last year.

Of possible note, the founding chairman recently sacked his CFO and appointed his sister in place. They have no debt, and all other figures seem very good. However, invest lightly.

Domino’s Pizza UK & IRL PLC (DOM)

Domino’s Pizza Group (DOM) took a drop on Friday with the announcement that the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) would be leaving the company in April next year. (He was offered a bigger job in a non-competitive area to Domino).  Successor not yet announced; this was on top of the announcement last month of a change in Chief Financial Officer.

Domino’s, founded in 1960, first UK store opened in Luton in 1985. A global, primarily franchised, system Domino’s has a single focus – The home delivery pizza.

There are now 750 stores in the UK, 48 stores in the Republic of Ireland, 25 stores in Germany and ten stores in Switzerland.

More than half of sales are from online. And nearly half of these sales are from mobile devices. 50 new stores planned for the UK of which 23 are now open. In marketing, Domino’s recently partnered with the X Factor App.

Domino’s half-year report had sales increasing nicely. They are expected to meet, or possibly exceed, Market expectations with their end-of-year report.

As you know, I have been a fan of this share for a couple of years. This dip could be a buy opportunity. Whether you are trading or investing, you might like to wait until the share price shows a turn back up. A shift could be on the announcement of the new CEO and if he/she brings the right stuff!

Rightmove PLC (RMV)

Rightmove has had good reports but their share spiked down today. (Google the term “tree shaker” as this may have been one).

Rightmove have been active recently buying back lots of their shares; this can boost the share price. Rightmove seem to be buying their shares with cash and not increasing debt.

An online property site, Rightmove have indicated, in their half-year report, a small increase in properties listed with them. Also, they reported a reasonable increase in page views on their website.

In last years report, Rightmove showed no debt,  good growth in earnings and high profit. They have the potential to grow their share price ten times over. However, today’s possible “shaker” reminds you to keep your level of investment balanced. Overall, if you believe that online property sales will continue, then Rightmove could be a good buy. Now could be an opportunity to buy some more.

Immunodiagnostic Systems Holdings PLC (IDH)

Half year results out yesterday and share price goes up.

As well as other applications, IDS kits used in many home pregnancy tests. IDS went through a significant management change which is now entirely in place.  They have their eye on developing markets and have set up already in Brazil. Sales have increased nicely but profit reduced. It will be 2015, however, before they consider that they will report an increase in profit. The ‘market’ probably sees the potential and therefore the reason for the rise in share price. IDS say that the market in Brazil alone is worth over $1 billion. The company has a steady cash flow of £24 million, up from £19 million last year.

Before this half-year report, their last couple of years were a bit wobbly regarding growth in earnings and sales. And some ratios indicate that they had not invested their cash as well as they might have done – but a new management team is now in place.

Indeed, one to consider for the longer term.

Playtech PLC (PTEC)

I have been a supporter of Playtech since 2012. Since then there have only been 2 or 3 buy times. Now could be one of those times. A software developer for online gaming such as BET365. Most sales are from Europe followed by Asia. 3000 people employed by Playtech throughout 12 countries.

Playtech sales, from their last report, are up and they say ‘we are confident of achieving our end of year expectations’.

Interest payments last year were high, and their earnings growth saw a dip. Also, reported tax paid was low which could mean a higher tax bill next year. However, on the positive, they are a consistent and growing company that is short-term debt free. They also showed a massive increase in profit at the half year point which could override any concerns. 

The share price dropped a lot this month but seems to be recovering up again.

Craneware PLC (CRW)

I like Craneware PLC as a buy at the moment. A USA hospital payment software system from a company based in Scotland. Recent sales up only 1% on previous year. However, they mention a steady increase in operations now and going forward. Achieving a consistent 25% operating margin – or profit percentage left after paying all costs but before paying tax. They also seem to invest their profits well.

Sales made from smaller contracts. If they can get a more significant contract, something they seem to be working hard to achieve, this could result in a good increase in share price. Craneware confidently claims that their products consistently outperform their competitor’s solutions. They have cash reserves of about 30 million and no debt.

If spread betting, Craneware has a large spread, about 8 pence, and a minimum bet of 5 pence with no guaranteed stop available.

Aveva Group PLC (AVV)

Results out today and Aveva take an immediate 9% drop in share price. Revenue up slightly with little change in operating profit. A special dividend of 100 million paid in the last six months. Maybe the drop was because the report was only good and not very good. However, the company is debt-free and growing; this could present a buying opportunity over the next few days. AVEVA Group plc Technical Analysis Chart | AVV | GB00BBG9VN75 | 4-Traders

Globo PLC (GBO)

Globo released interim (6 months) results on 23rd September. Net profit had increased from 39% to 45%; this seems to be an up and coming company. Sales are from mobile apps. They have a robust North American distribution with head offices in New York and London.

They are reporting 6 million users monthly with a 52% increase in sales. They have some 98million in assets and 21million in cash. Liabilities are also about 21million. They are debt free. The CEO and founder of Globo recently bought 150,000 shares to increase his share ownership to 18%. Usually a good sign. A possible consideration is that they did mention a patent pending in their last end-of-year report, but no mention of this found in their recent interim report.

Tax paid was only 4%, where mid 20% expected. Globo has made provision for more tax in their interim report. A young company for a SlowTrader, coming up to 8 years, but well placed for continued growth, mainly through their emerging markets and seemingly strengthening the western position. Up until now, their growth has been consistent.

If this continues Globo’s share price, over the next several years, will increase nicely. Last month, however,  Globo dropped from a high of about 85p to a present price of 67p. A good time to take advantage?