Day trading mantra

I aim to determine the nature of a price break.

I take any valid stable break that comes along.

I know that the context, pace and harmony of a market are essential.

I know that double zero and fifty levels are price magnets.

Obstructive elements between entry and stop are good.

Obstructive elements between entry and target are bad.

With a tight stop, my entries are from near or on the 25 ema.

I avoid false and tease break traps through proper squeeze setups.

I enter with the trend.

My entries take advantage of ‘double’ pressure price levels.

A signal bar is highly desirable, a break of which is my entry.

I monitor the financial news, but I do not trade their effect.

I take scalps at significant resistance, technical or reversal points.

For everything else, I swing my trades.

I spot my bets rather than find them.

Finally, I know that the open trade or the ‘live’ bet is only one of many.