The least dirty shirt on offer

An article featured in this weeks “The Economist” is about the cyclically adjusted earnings ratio, (CAPE) as calculated by Robert Shiller of Yale University. The CAPE averages profit over ten years and is now used by many as a vital valuation indicator. The article explains that currently, the indicator shows that American shares have hitherto […]

“We seem to be living in the riskiest moment of our lives”

Richard Thaler, a behavioural economist, received a Nobel prize. Speaking by phone on Bloomberg TV, he said: “We seem to be living in the riskiest moment of our lives, and yet the stock market seems to be napping, I admit to not understanding it.” From our fund point of view, we have a couple of […]

Is it time to worry?

The Economist has an article this week that asks “prices are high across a range of assets. Is it time to worry?” Before the 2007-08 financial crash, I managed to cash-in early; this, I’m sure, was luck. I was, at the time, financing a business build; fortuitously, I went much further than cashing-in assets required […]

Not a good idea to match experts

Each of my faults, the ones that I’m aware, seem to balance themselves out. For example, my type of dyslexia (probably detectable in many of my spellings) gave me reading problems as a child (I’ve overcompensated as most would now consider me a voracious reader) but seemingly balanced by my skills in mathematics. Later in […]

Buffett, an investing dinosaur?

I appreciate that we don’t have much time to read a blog, often on a mobile device and while we’re busy concentrating on something else. Meanings easily misinterpreted. Moreover, accurate longer term ‘value’ investing is not a popular investment method. We want gratification earlier. Someone close to me this weekend considered me wrong with the longer […]

More on the long-term investment model

My recent blog(s) were regarding long-term investing. By long-term, I’m thinking 15 to 30 years. Nick has given us, from each company past ten years of annual reports, where available, his estimation of a company’s future value (MOS) and measure of consistency as a percentage of growth. From the FTSE 350 companies, Nick found that only […]

The remaining top share picks on a chart

To complete our take on the remaining top ten FTSE 350 shares here’s the final few from last week. As I’ve explained, the primary purpose for these shares is their fundamentals. As we are looking at mainly, long-term holds the chart (even a 10-year weekly bar chart, as shown below) becomes irrelevant. However, it’s always […]