I’m back!

I’m back in the trading room, thank goodness. Six months was somewhat longer than I’d anticipated. The self renovation (sounds better than labouring for my builder son-in-law) and the home move took more than I thought.

I backtested the markets most evenings to keep in touch and continue to develop my trading system.

Of course, the currency markets recently have seen volatility, and there will be more to come. However, as a short-term derivative currency trader, my ethos is to trade the chart without bias.

I’m working with volume indication showing anchored VWAP signals imposed onto range bars. The entry screen uses price action signals from a tick bar chart.

I get it. To most, that sounds as dull as dishwater, but I’ve worked with it for many months, and I think it’s excellent!

I found the diagram below revealing, though. It shows how long it takes to brute force (i.e. crack) your password.

Talk again soon.

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