Crypto—if you missed the buy, hold tight.


Our required price for bitcoin and ethereum was probably too fleeting on Friday for most of us to get.

Price in both of our interested crypto’s has gapped slightly high this morning.

If we now revisit the price we desired, that could signal the level failing.

If you missed Friday’s signal, I’d suggest staying out—even if the price revisits the recommended levels.

We’d need time to take another read as to what is likely to happen.


The buy mechanism with PayPal is limited in that it does not seem possible to set a future price—so if you are not on when the price is at the level you want, you miss it.

Equally, a stop level with PayPal is not possible.

As crypto has the high potential of significant price gaps, a stop level is not solid anyway. Hence the big recommendation is not to use a leveraged account in this regard.

I will monitor bitcoin and ethereum and update you technically as appropriate. But, for now, hold tight.

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