Ethereum is doing well, but I’d wait.

The future of crypto continues to look bright. With general prices still below their all-time highs, this is not the wrong time to start accumulating.

However, the price is not favourable enough for me to invest. Bitcoin may pull back to at least the higher of the VWAP yellow lines drawn. Depending on the price action at the time, I might favour a purchase if price retreats to the lower VWAP lines. (See charts below).

I will report as soon as I see a possible great opportunity.

If following, be ready with your Binance account or similar.

In the meantime, for information, review Chris Lee’s awesome Crypto newsletter. In addition, Chris provides a reference list for those that want to research further.

As expected, Ethereum has taken the more significant leap in price. It is almost getting back to its high in May this year.

I am not in the business of predictions. But, on the other hand, Bitcoin has been less dynamic of late, and a pullback of some sort is more probable.

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