Bitcoin and Ethereum, the early bird has gone—however….

Soon after suggesting an investment in either Bitcoin or Ethereum, the price of each ballooned.

That is not to say a buying opportunity will not present itself again, but the likelihood of the same ‘early bird’ has probably gone.

But let us wait and see. First, of course, we are considering the dollar-cost averaging approach. But as a trader, I cannot entirely agree with entering in this manner. I want a defined risk and a reasonable probability of success.

Let us see what develops. In the meantime, to understand Crypto better, working through the excellent post by Chris Lee is a good start.

Moreover, as you will see within Chris’s notes, he recommends buying with A good YouTube link on how to create an account is Binance tutorial for beginners. has a UK warning attached as they allegedly do not wholly satisfy the UK’s definition of money laundering. As a result, some UK banks do not allow transfers, but most do.

Stay ready. If either Bitcoin or Ethereum provides a buy signal, you will be the first to know.

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