Develop your own trading style

There are so many styles of trading, so what makes sense is the direction we go.

However, we do spend an awful lot of time following what we happen to come across initially.

To a developing trader, I’d say try a wide field of methods to see what fits best.

But even a good find is constantly evolving.

In years gone by, day trading acquired a bad name. So much so that present traders, to make the distinction, refer to it as intraday trading.

Day or intraday trading has changed due to improvements in technology—and consequently tighter bid/ask prices—and greater liquidity.

More (if not the majority) proprietary firms are intraday trading today.

What I’ve liked recently is anything by Mike Bellafiore. Start with Chat With Traders episode 162, followed by One Good Trade (available on Audible) and The Playbook—an inside look at thinking like a professional trader.

As he is known, Bella teaches stock trading, but the material is excellent for whatever we have on our screens. For example, if you haven’t considered watching the order flow (also known as Depth of Market)—and the chances, like me, are no. Then Bella will make you reconsider.

The VWAP is an excellent tool for stocks and shares, commodities and (probably) indices. Not as valid for FOREX. Read The VWAP roadmap by Zach Hurwitz.

I trade gold (XAU/USD) intraday, which can provide a VWAP signal throughout the day (UTC+1) and recently the DAX (DE30) from early morning until early afternoon and watching again the US 500 (S&P) and US 2000 and US 30 from midafternoon (New York stock exchange open) onwards.

I watched bitcoin for a few weeks and decided to give it a miss—at least for now. A great introduction to bitcoin, and one that will change your mind if you have a negative bias, is the Digital Slowmad letter by Chris Lee.

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